Flight Operations Training

flight operations

Ground Classes for DGCA CPL Exams 

We conduct Classes for CPL Ground exams based on DGCA approved Syllabus.

  • Air Navigation
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Air Regulation
  • Aircraft & Engines
  • Technical Specific / Technical Performance
  • Radio Telephony Restricted (A)

Minimum educational Qualifications: 10+2 pass with Maths and Physics.

Commercial Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplanes) & Instrument Rating (Aeroplanes)

Ground Classes plus Admission to Flight Schools. We have an agreement with Flight Schools around the world. Minimum Educational Qualifications: 10+2 pass with Maths and Physics.

Private Pilot Licence(PPL) 

Theoretical knowledge examination in the subjects of Composite
Paper, aircraft & engine/instruments in general and specific.
The composite paper shall contain the subjects of Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, and Air Regulations.

Trainee Flight Dispatcher with RTR training

This training program covers the following subjects

  • Air Navigation
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Air Regulation
  • Radio Telephony Restricted (A)

Upon completing this program you would be able to work for an Airline as Assistant Flight Dispatcher. With RTR certificate you will have edge over other candidates.

RTR Training:

            Those who would like to obtain only RTR (A) license shall join the program with us. We have a practical lab with the required instruments to practice for RTR exams. This gives you an edge over other students who appear for the RTR exams.

Diploma in Flight Operations with Cockpit Voice Recorder Analysis Training          

  In addition to Flight Dispatcher training with RTR, you would receive specialized training in Cockpit Voice Recorder Analysis. This is an important process in airlines and only a few people with specific training on the subject can handle this. With this qualification in hand, you will be the chosen one in airlines in India and around the world.

Other courses Offered

  • Operations Manual preparation Training.
  • Flight Safety Manual Preparation Training.
  • Security Manual Preparation Training.
  • Safety Management System Manual Preparation Training.
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